Topic outline

  • What is NYSCAA Learn?

    NYSCAA Learn is made up of eLearning courses and other resources that are designed to enhance your professional development. We hope to provide you with access to a range of on-line courses and other learning resources for you to complete and revisit as required to refresh your learning.

    All NYSCAA Learn courses are free and open to all New York CAA board members, staff, and volunteers. Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each course.

    • How do I Sign In (ALL NY Community Action Agency Staff)

      Sign in with your NYSCAA Web account:

      IMPORTANT: All NY Community Action Agency staff, board members, and volunteers are considered NYSCAA Members, and can have free access to resources including NYSCAA Learn. Now the same login that grants you access to our website can be used for NYSCAA Learn. 

      Step 1 – Go to the NYSCAA Learn login page (

       and click “NY CAA Staff Click here”


      Step 2 – You will be directed to sign in via the NYSCAA web site. IF YOU NEED A NEW ACCOUNT – PLEASE CREATE IT BY CLICKING ON THE PINK BUTTON ON THIS PAGE. (


      Once you login, you will be automatically signed into NYSCAA Learn.

    • Need Help?

      If you need any assistance, please reach out to, or contact or at 1-844-238-5577.

      Thank you!

      • What are Courses and where can I see them?

        Course details can be found under the ‘Find Learning’ menu option. There you can filter by length, your role and content.
        • How can I enroll in Courses?

          Course details are available within the course summary and you should enroll in the course when you are happy that the course is right for you.

          Sometimes you are automatically enrolled in courses based on either your organization or a group that you participate in, such as Emerging Leaders Institute.

          • How can I complete courses?

            In each course, you will be instructed to attempt the required activities within the course to ensure completion.

            There are many different types of activities available. You should work your way through the course at your own pace, noting that you can return to the course later (if required), without losing any of the work you have completed to date.